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At The McKay Center for Cosmetic and General Dentistry our patients always come first. From the minute you arrive, you’ll see our investment in the latest technology so that you are provided with the very best.

We offer digital x-rays that produce 90% less radiation exposure to you than traditional film. Laser cavity detection (Diagnodent) gives us the advantage of a quick, more accurate, and painless diagnosis. We also feature mercury-free alternatives to those old silver fillings. With composite resin and EMPRESS onlay restorations, we’ll restore a tooth to 100% of its original strength and can last three to four times longer than conventional fillings.

For your comfort, we provide virtual-vision “i-glasses” and a selection of DVDs to choose from, or bring in your own. Or if you choose . . . bring in your iPod and we’ll have noise-cancelling headphones for you to “tune us out” and listen to your music.

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