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Most of the time your tongue is tucked safely away in your mouth. Accidentally biting on the side of it while eating or chewing gum rarely causes significant trauma. However, there are other instances when a hard fall or household accident can cause you to bite down hard on your tongue. Some individuals have even bitten deeply into the soft tissues or bitten through their tongue.

In a situation like this, Dr. Daniel McKay and the oral care specialists at Daniel McKay, DDS Cosmetic & General Dentistry offer some key first-aid insights. The following measures can help you manage the injury while determining the need for professional care or taking a trip to the Emergency Room.

– A gentle rinse with lukewarm saltwater might help clear away any blood to give you a better look at the wound. It might also help soothe injured tissues. Avoid using antiseptic mouthwash as it can easily irritate the tongue injury.

– You might be able to control minor bleeding by wrapping your injured tongue in a few layers of sterile gauze and applying light pressure. If you can’t easily hold the gauze with fingers you might try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

– If your tongue continues to bleed for more than half an hour or the pain is worsening, you should strongly consider going to the Emergency Room

If you live in the Seattle, Washington, area and you need further advice for treating a tongue injury, you can always call 206-381-3055 to speak to a member of Daniel McKay, DDS Cosmetic & General Dentistry.