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Have you ever suffered from dental anxiety before? Dental anxiety is an oral health condition in which a patient suffers fear or stress due to the idea of oral health care treatments or visiting the dentist office. Fortunately, it can be treated.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, there may be sedatives available at your dentist’s office to help relax you and put you in the mood for any oral health care work that needs to be done. Some forms of sedation are very mild and safe enough to allow patients to drive themselves home after use. Others can put a patient into a deep sleep to allow complex procedures such as surgeries to be completed while patients remain in a deep slumber.

At-home remedies for treating anxiety include relaxing treatments such as yoga or calming music. Stress is often a key contributor of dental anxiety so it is important to deal with any stress or stress-related triggers that may set off your anxiety. Some individuals may experience anxiety from sounds in the office, so speak with your dentist about the possibility of listening to calming music during your dental procedures.

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